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In 2002 I wrote and directed Unhung Heroes, a short comic fiction film about five FTM transgender guys who, after finding an internet article announcing the first actual penis transplants are about to be performed (true story), imagine a scheme to come up with over a million dollars in surgery money. Riffing on Tarantino's Reservoir Dogs, Busby Berkeley musicals and the 1970's gay soft porn films starring Peter Berlin, this action-packed comedy starts with their experience of life as a 'guy without a dick,' then follows their rosy fantasies of life 'post-transplant,' and the crazy imaginary lengths they go to for the money.

This fifteen minute movie was released in 2002 and has played in festivals around the world since then, most recently in Glasgow's Zine Fest 2019: 

It is distributed by Frameline in San Francisco.

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